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Teagueduino Early Access Workshop (it’s free!)

Calling all designers, builders, artists, students, teachers, tinkerers, thinkers, and makers! Over the last month or so we’ve been hard at work making Teagueduino even better, and in a few weeks it will be available on Kickstarter for anyone who wants one.

In the interim we want some feedback, so we’re hosting a workshop for 10 participants to come visit our downtown Seattle office and play with Teagueduino for a little while. The workshop is free and open to anyone, plus one lucky beta tester will take home a prototype Teagueduino kit!

Teagueduino aims to make Arduino and embedded electronics easy and available to anyone. Don’t know how to solder? Can’t code? No problem.

If you’ll be in or around Seattle next Monday night and would like to join, drop us an email at and let us know what you’re interested in.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 8th,
6pm – 8pm

The August 8th workshop is now full.


  1. I’d like to attend your session.
    John Giaever

  2. John – Whoops, sorry for the bad email link. You should get an email confirming your spot.

    If anyone else emailed this morning, double check to make sure your email got through to us! Correct email address is

  3. Hey guys,

    unfortunately , too far to join u (Paris .FR)
    Will you stream the session ?
    Do you sell those PCB/ Board for the Teensy ? They looks perfect !!(even if there is not enough pins …;)

  4. Jimmy,

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to live stream next Monday’s session. But that is an excellent idea and something we’ll look into for any future sessions!

    As for the board, we don’t have them for sale yet, but it’s in the works :)

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