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New Teagueduino Video and Source Code

We’ve got a new and improved video talking about Teagueduino. The big take away is that we’ve made this little board, soldered a bunch of sweet inputs and outputs, and built some software that makes learning to code from scratch pretty painless… But that’s not what’s it’s really about for us. What we really want is to see everyone making things and Teagueduino is just a tool to help you do that.

Our goal is to make the ability to make awesome, interactive stuff as easy as possible. Whether you just want to tinker, teach your kids to program, or rapidly prototype your latest design.

Support the project on Kickstarter and help build a community of makers. Better yet, get a Teagueduino kit and help by making and sharing your own projects!

To learn more about Teagueduino, check out previous posts on

And since Teagueduino is open source, here’s our source-in-progress; there’s still more work to do, but feel free to check out the circuit schematic, Eagle PCB, realtime serial protocol specification, and Arduino code that makes Teagueduino tick! Of course, the source for the desktop application is also open and included with the download on the Teagueduino site.

P.S. Seattleites! Are interested in more workshops? email let us know in the comments if you’d like to come play with Teagueduino. If we get enough people, we’re happy to hold more workshops!

P.P.S. Non-Seattleites! Want to go to a workshop, but don’t live in Seattle? We’ll also be at the IDSA conference in a couple weeks in New Orleans. If you’re going, or know someone who is, come make something in our workshop there!


  1. Is it possible to utilize the teagueduino software with the arduino uno? I really like the interface of the teagueduino software and would like to try it with the arduino uno.

  2. i just wondering is teague a last name of someone there or a acronym?.

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