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Teague Labs ‘Duke’ Reboot

In just a couple of short weeks Xbox will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. We were among the lucky few with the privilege to work on the design of the first gaming console, kicking off a relationship with Xbox that continues through today. I gotta say, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years…

From its humble beginnings as pure gaming console to its evolution as the epicenter of all things entertainment, the Xbox has grown a lot during the past decade. It’s been an incredible journey, especially exciting if you’ve been along for the ride.

In honor of this coming occasion and our relationship with the Xbox brand and team, I pulled my old Xbox out of storage last weekend, dusted it off and fired it up to revisit those early days with the hopes of inspiring a few thoughts on how the we could celebrate 10 years of Xbox.

Not having seen the Xbox for a while, I have to say it’s a serious piece of hardware. But perhaps the most striking piece in the system is the original ‘Duke’ controller. By today’s standards this is a  a big controller, but compared to other controllers of the day the Duke was a true beast! This adult size device with its massive triggers and asymmetric joysticks showed that the Xbox console was targeting a completely different generation of users, ‘hardcore gamers’. And the Xbox promised this generation a new way forward; rather than an experience from behind middling monitors, expensive PC towers, and hastily assembled computer desks, the Xbox experience centered squarely on the sofa, in front of the largest television display’s and the best sound systems around. Xbox was bringing PC gaming to the living room, and the ‘Duke’ was the ambassador that would show us the way!

To this end, it seems only natural that the best way to celebrate 10-years of Xbox would be to bring the classic ‘Duke’ controller out of retirement and into the current generation of Xbox gaming. Over the next 14 days, we’ll be taking a well used and loved Duke controller and making it work wirelessly with current gen Xbox 360 hardware. We’re also aiming to add in a few Teague Labs extras sure to make the old ‘Duke’ shine like never before!

We invite you on this Teague Labs journey, in honor of the Xbox, and in celebration of a decade in gaming and entertainment. Stay tuned for an inside look into the making of the new Duke. We’re always up for incorporating new ideas, so be sure to comment throughout the process, no Labs project is complete without community participation.

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  1. And the Duke is also a superb media controller as well, esp. with XBMC (on Xbox or PC). Thank you!

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