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‘Duke’ capped up

An important part of the ‘Duke Reboot’ project is deciding what to do with the open spaces left in the Duke controller. Specifically the hole left by the removal of theĀ  logo badge and the open front section left by the removal of the Duke’s card slots. To this end, I have created and printed some quick caps using our Dimension machine.

Closing up the body really cleans up the Duke and makes it much easier to picture and plan where we may want to place the remaining connectors and additional controls. Deciding what to do about the ‘Guide’ button was probably one of the easier decisions yet to make on this project. Placing it in the center of the original logo ring just seemed to make sense. Not only does it gives the controller aesthetic ties to current hardware, but it also means we can reuse the 360 controllers 4 LED array light pipe and the very nice metal finished 360 ‘guide’ button. We may wish to explore some other options here later on, but in the meantime though these caps will be a good starting point to get the imagination rolling.

I am also posting the CAD IGES versions of these files for anyone else to use.
Duke Template Caps

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  1. As always you guys do amazing work. I think the Duke looks great. I’m a Mechanical Design Engineer for B/E Aerospace currently but in my past I worked on several Microsoft projects with Teague during my tour at Synergy Systems. Awesome work. I hope to one day join you guys to share in some of the fun!

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