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Muze Radio: a virtual musician in your browser!

A few months ago, we created Muze, a musical instrument that plays with you. Unlike most digital music creations tools, Muze doesn’t allow the listener to directly play notes or control the composition. Instead, Muze behaves more like an improv musician that’s constantly playing and taking cues from the listener to nudge it in new directions. Leave Muze alone, and it will slowly evolve itself over time; generating new melodies, rhythms, and progressions.

We loved playing with the physical Arduino-based Muze, but there was one big problem — we couldn’t easily share the one-off prototype with the world. So we went back to the drawing board and cooked up a new version that takes the best of the physical, and adds to it browser application support, a visual interface, and a bunch of new features. It’s Muze Radio!

Have a play with Muze Radio. Twiddle, tweak, and nudge; if you like what you hear, take a snapshot and grab the Midi file to import into your favorite music software to continue the fun.

Tune in to Muze Radio

Of course a curious thing happened on they way to virtualization; the radio version has become a great debugging tool for the hardware version and has really informed the underlying approach to the generative aspects of Muze.

Everything is open source, so if you’d like to look behind the scenes also check out the Muze Radio Processing project. Enjoy!

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