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jump out of bed

Last month on Medium we’ve noticed a couple of articles [1, 2] on the compelling reasons to become a morning person. But like any change in habit, it’s difficult to make the switch. To make the change from a night owl to an early bird, the change must be gradual. Another theme we’ve noticed for a successful switch is to incorporate exercise.

A quick google search will reveal alarm clock apps that only turn off after you’ve answered a math problem, shaken your phone, or donate money to charity  every time you hit snooze. Interesting solutions, but all of which permit you to stay in bed.
We also uncovered some desktop alarm clocks with wheels, clocks in the shape of a weight to lift, and blocks that explode from a clock when the alarm sounds. We like that these make you move. They’re fun and silly, but they’re clunky.
We asked ourselves if there is a happy mix between the convenience of an app and the physicality of a desktop alarm.  The simple realization that the use of the accelerometer in the phone to measure force would be the perfect way to bridge the gap.
Because jumping jacks would require you to not only get out of bed, but also provide a large gesture to measure using the phone’s accelerometer, we decided to start there. We mocked up a few screens of a Jumping Jack alarm clock and prototyped an app to try it out.

Would this get you jumping out of bed or get you hopping mad?