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Marking Menus

As a primer for this post, here are some links to tutorials we’ve published onĀ Alias Design in the past.

Approaches to Parting Lines

Natural Surfacing Part I

Natural Surfacing Part II

Natural Surfacing Part III

Devil in the Details I

Devil in the Details II

Devil in the Details III

Presentation Tip I

The above are just the tips and tutorials – but in the interest of bringing some process to the mix we’ll add some Alias Marking Menus to download. A few of tend to revise these every so often – especially when new features are added, but the core set of menus tend to stay the same.

There are a lot of subtle customizations in these menus. Of note is the Draft defaulting to a single surface draft when double-sided is toggled, but not having double-sided itself on by default. That was particularly fun to set-up. Enjoy and happy surfacing!

Joshua’s Marking Menus

Of course, one of the great things about out tools are that they are ours and customizing them to aid our creative process only makes them better. What tools do you have in your bag of tricks?

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