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Design Veggies

Inspiration is elusive; it can be found in anything, yet it’s often difficult to find when you want it most.  Our day-to-day internet browsing is chock-full of interesting stuff.  We check out a lot of great articles, videos, and discussion, but they’re usually sugar-coated digital sweets that taste great and never really fill us up.  Sometimes what we really need is nutritious, thought-provoking content that sticks in our minds without the crash later.

Design Veggies is a quick attempt at healthy browsing via a curated info-mashup.  It brings together a wide range of design-oriented RSS feeds and an internal bookmarklet (allowing us to add non-RSS content such as site links and descriptions alongside the dynamic feeds).  Each item is given a small amount of space to allow for quickly browsing numerous snippets on a single page.

Using a simple combination of PHP and JavaScript, feeds are cached and updated at a regular interval (we’ve set it to update every 15 minutes).  All of the code is open, so if you’re interested in doing something similar, you can view the source from your browser, or download the Design Veggies code snapshot.

The prototype runs in any modern standards-compliant browser (Internet Explorer may not show all of the content; try Firefox or Chrome), so give it a try and let us know what you think!

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