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About Teague Labs

We’re a bunch of designers at Teague. We created Labs as a place where we can openly share some of our tools, mock-ups, tips, tricks, lessons, and ideas with the community.

We hope you’ll have fun checking out a bit of what we do and seeing how we work. Enjoy!


  1. I love this blog idea! I hope I can participate soon!

  2. Hey, I just found this site! GREAT STUFF!!!

  3. Hi there…
    I don’t know if I am allowed to ask. But I am absolutely fascinated from your realtime display for connected parts to the arduino. The oscilloscope-like display in your software is amazing.

    Well.. Actually I am programming a litte bit in cocoa/objectiveC and I really really would like to implement such a realtime view in my software as well. But honestly, I am a newbe to such kind of programming things like this realtime display. Is the sourcecode for the editor opensource as well? If so, may I take a peak to get an idea, of how to approach such a display of realtime-data?

    Would be great to hear from you!


  4. Hi Sebastian,

    All of the Teagueduino code is open source (included in the main download) and free for you to use/modify/share.

    Teagueduino is written in Java/Processing (also opens source), so it’s pretty easy to get started with.

    Hope that helps, and best of luck building some signal scope displays in Cocoa/ObjectiveC!

  5. If you folks would like to do a drorkbot presentation on the Teagueduino or any of your other projects, let me know!

  6. Your work is wonderful… if you’re ever in the SF bay area and want to visit our incubator/design/fun/stupid/software/robotics shop headed up by Will Wright of SimCity and robotics fame – it would be a pleasure – lauren

  7. Dear ladies and gentlemen from Teague Labs!

    My Name is Bernhard Böhm and I am working for the “ars electronica” in Linz/Austria. I have visited your website and think that our grant could be interesting for you.
    Every year the “ars electronica” awards prizes in seven different categories to artistic works in the field of media arts, the so called “prix ars electronica”; one of the world´s most important awards in this art section.
    Within this prix there is also one category called “THE NEXT IDEA” grant. The aim of this grant is to honor new and extraordinarily promising ideas and to support the process of developing them further. For this category an artistic background is not required.
    This year, we seek to nurture projects that deal with three themes of key importance to humankind’s future: energy, mobility and access and kindly invite you to submit your latest projects/concepts/ideas!

    If you know any further interesting works we’ll be happy to get your recommendation and please feel free to forward this to all interesting/ed parties!

    For detailed information about the grant please check:

    Here is the link for online submission (deadline 02. March, 2012):

    If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Kind regards
    Bernhard Böhm

  8. Hello Adam,
    Are you author of the great “app” Boxes and Text?

    If is true – Thanks for a great application and I believe it will continue in future.
    By the way, the application will be made ​​available as open source sometime in the future?

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