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Meet Patchwork

Let’s cut right to the chase: we like pretty things. Better yet, we like sharing pretty things with other people.

It’s this basic premise that led us to create Patchwork. Realizing that email was a cumbersome, intrusive, mildly annoying way of letting people know about things they wouldn’t find on their own, we set out to find a new way to share things we like, with people we like. And now, here we are, sharing pictures like popcorn at the movies.

Go on, have a look:

Now, you might be wondering how we’re different in a world full of tumblrs and ffffounds. Well, really, we’re not all that different, but for us image is king, so we went ahead and made the image as big as we possibly could. So each new post, what we’re calling a patch, is the largest, most important thing you see. So big we decided to project it on our studio’s inspiration wall. Patches are easy to make anytime, either on the Patchwork itself or using our versatile, image grabbing bookmarklet.

Responses (stitches) can be other images, text or even YouTube videos. Stitches show up in real-time as comments are made, saving you all that hassle the internet calls reloading.

We’ve also added a couple simple image related features in a handy tools dropdown right beside the stitches. You can grab the full size image, go to the source page, find similar images, or generate a sweet (and useful!) swatch palette on the spot.

At any time, click anywhere on the left hand side to see a history of all the patches made so far.

Now, bear with us: Patchwork is young. We just got up and running and things are changing all the time (when we have a spare moment or two).

Here is where it gets awesomer. The link above is just¬†our Patchwork; only we can post and comment. But once everything is a little more stable (hopefully soon!) we’ll release the code to anyone and everyone to do with as you want. Create your own Patchwork for your class, your friends, your coworkers or add your own features or themes. It’s all about sharing, right?

In the meantime feel free to follow along on our Patchwork and get a glimpse into what shows up on our studio wall everyday.

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