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Radioball 2.0: Work in progress

On Wednesday, October 13, 2010, Fast Company will be holding the Masters of Design 2010 event at Industria Superstudio in New York. Check out the Masters of Design 2009 to preview the past year’s event Teague will be exhibiting the Radioball.

We’ve been working on a more polished and capable version of the Radioball in our Seattle studio. By adding a digital gyroscope to the control board, a slow twist on any facet will turn the volume up or down. We also added a larger battery and easy accessible mini USB slot for recharging the device.

We created a closed compartmental structure to house the components to allow the sound quality to resonate through the two speakers. This was a huge difference compared to the original prototype.

In considering the hardware development, we’ve been exploring a couple possibilities and printed a SLA central structure with two cast urethane parts for the outer “mesh” material. To get the parts accurately printed, we started with a classic 3D print; the resolution isn’t fantastic but allowed us to verify technical details.

Then the fun stuff began. As you can see, we’ve been exploring different material durometers, colors, and transparencies for the outside mesh. The internal structure is in SLA and then polished and painted —everything is held together with magnets.

As of today, we are finalizing Radioball 2.0 for the Masters of Design 2010. However, this little prototype-to-finish project shows the potential for a small production product. Here are links to the original Radioball project.

Stay tuned …

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